Mandeville Dentist Has Outstanding Qualifications

dentist in MandevilleThe program of study to become a dentist in the state of Louisiana is quite lengthy. Our Mandeville dentist, earned his Bachelor’s degree prior to entering dental school which is a four year program of study. After completing the accredited dental programs which is also four years, a written exam is required by the Louisiana state licensing board administration to obtain a license to practice dentistry. To maintain one’s licensure, dentists are then required to complete continuing education hours periodically. To complete the entire program of study requires a great deal of commitment.

Dr. Grand exceeds all requirements to practice dentistry in the state of Louisiana with extensive training in all forms of dentistry he is a great dentist in Mandeville LA. In addition to his competence, which instills confidence among the patients, he is familiar with the latest technology and treatments to insure that his patients dental needs are a priority. Dr. Grand’s patients experience comfort in a very non-threatening environment. He listens carefully to patients’ problems and gives them several treatment options to alleviate the anxiety, pain, and fear that is often accompanied with a trip to the dentist.